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Fight Club International

Fight Club is a gaming experimentation group learning to fight across all domains of conflict and competition. Our members are serving military, reservists, government employees and civilians with a passion for professional gaming, who support our community’s goals and interests. 

We support students and academia across multiple disciplines, including wargaming, AI, coding, IT networking, cyber, languages and strategy.

We are a grassroots organisation that is flat and less hierarchical than normal clubs. It is led by a ‘warrior council’ and seeks to inspire action rather than force it. Leadership is done by example. 

A central focus for the group is broader awareness and inclusion of gaming techniques and procedures within defence and government organisations.

The group will experiment with new technologies and methods of gaming and simulations to help transition capabilities into common use, changing culture and improving the efficacy of operations and strategy for governments. 


Integrated Wargaming

In general wargame/simulation systems and models tend to have been designed for a specific narrow focus such as a land tactical battle at battalion level or air to air combat between a couple of fighters. This makes sense for a simpler, more playable game design and the application of single domain wargaming . However, as Multi Domain Operations proliferate in Western militaries the need to conduct better multi domain wargaming....


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