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Sponsoring Fight Club

We offer a range of options for sponsorship, whether for a specific event, project, deliverable, and/or year-long sponsorship packages that help support work across the organization.  We work closely with all sponsors and supporters to guarantee a mutually beneficial association with high integrity and accountability.

We will always endeavor to provide maximum value to our sponsors and demonstrate the impact of all contributions to the fullest extent.    

Several different sponsorship packages are listed below, along with their benefits.  Regardless of package, all sponsors receive and end-of-year report detailing the usage of provided funds and associated outcomes.

To make an enquiry about a sponsorship plan, or for more information, please click the link below.

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Project-Specific Sponsorship

Much of Fight Club's work is 'project based', with distinct aims and outcomes.  Supporters may, in some cases, have a specific interest in one or more of these projects, and so we offer the option of supporting these directly

Project-Specific Sponsorships help provide the resources necessary to support one-or-more single, self-contained, programs for the advancement of defense wargaming and simulation.  This is an ideal option for any sponsor wishing to engage with a specific area of Fight Club's work, be that a single domain, technology, military branch, platform, development objective, live event, or software package. 


Similarly, If you have a project you’d like us to be involved in, this may be the option for you.      

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Annual Sponsorship Packages

Annual sponsorship packages are designed for supporters wanting to make a substantial contribution to growing Fight Club as a commercial and strategic asset within the NATO alliance and the associated defense sector.  Funding at this level enables Fight Club to undertake wide-ranging and impactful projects with more substantial overheads.  


These packages can also enable the recruitment of part-time staff and provides opportunities for future internships, apprenticeships, and Veteran's Transition Programs for individuals wishing to start a career in wargaming and simulation. 

Here are our current sponsorship levels:



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Interested?  Contact us here:

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