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SAF-TAC is a low-overhead virtual synthetic environment designed specifically for military simulation and training. Utilising the world-leading Unreal Engine, SAF-TAC delivers high fidelity visuals, along with essential simulation functions such as Exercise Control, Scenario Editor and After-Action Review.

SAF-TAC delivers flexible training configurations for Virtual Reality and Desktop-based training, as well as being capable of being deployed as the Virtual Environment software within simulators.

The system supports a variety of collective training use cases including dismounted close combat and vehicle-based training. It can be easily adapted to bring in new content, functionality and geospecific or geotypical terrains.

  • Standards based

  • Modularised Architecture

  • Scenario Authoring & After Acton Review Tools

  • Highly detailed VR optimized geo-specific environments

  • TTP/SOP/C2 Trainer with customized virtual coaching

  • Advanced data analytics and training progression feedback

  • Easy to use and available at point of need

  • Integrated haptic feedback devices

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