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Join and Support

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Join the network that will help drive the next decade of military simulation and wargaming development.

We intend for Fight Club to become a vital pillar supporting the collective defense of the NATO alliance, our friends, and allies.  So far, we've built a vibrant, diverse, and enthusiastic international network of practitioners, innovators, and enthusiasts. 

But this is only the beginning.   

As we grow, we are also expanding the value delivered to our members and stakeholders through an increasing number of development programs including wargame design, peer-to-peer education, R&D, events, networking, and seminars. 

To continue advancing these programs, and adding even more, we rely on the active participation of our members and - critically - contributions from private, corporate, and institutional backers. 

Support us now and become part of a sector-spanning initiative that unites us in a network of learning, collaboration, and innovation.  

Here's how:

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1. Join Fight Club!

The backbone of our organization is our individual members who believe in our mission and wish to actively participate.


As an official member of Fight Club you will be free to contribute your skills, experience, and enthusiasm in service of our mission, and collaborate with like-minded individuals to advance the field of military simulation and wargaming.


In return, you get:

  • Access to our international network of experts, practitioners, and enthusiasts via our Discord Servers and other networking resources.

  • Access to events (online and in-person), including wargaming campaigns, professional development exercises, and networking opportunities. 

  • The option to pitch and develop your own wargaming and simulation projects beneath the Fight Club umberella, and directly draw on the support of our wider community. 

Please note, we’ll need to verify certain details and we ask that you use an official government, academic, military, or corporate email address to help with this.  We will also request details on your professional background, and we may need to follow-up before we can fully process your membership request.  

Please also check out our rules, and only submit an application if you are confident you can comply.  

We look forward to welcoming you! 

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2. Make a Donation!

Donate Here!

Donations of any amount help us to fund the further promotion of Fight Club and cover expenses incurred by our project volunteers.  


Thank you for your donation!

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3. Sponsor Us!

Sponsor an Event or Project

Fight Club is running a number of wargaming development programs, with several more planned for this year.


These include community & networking events, custom wargames, and wargame development projects. There a multiple sponsorship options available to any individual or organization wishing to advance a specific area of wargaming or defense simulation through Fight Club (including non-monetary contributions).


In return, we provide multiple means for recognition, promotion, and participation.

Become a Formal Sponsor of Fight Club International 

Fight Club International offers year-long sponsorship packages for any organization wishing to make a *significant* contribution to our mission.  


There are four standard templates, however we will work closely with potential sponsors to build a bespoke, mutually beneficial, package.  


All sponsors receive and end-of-year report detailing the usage of provided funds and associated outcomes. 

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For more information, and to contact us regarding sponsorship, click the link below:

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