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Flashpoint Campaigns: Southern Storm


Fight Club International uses Matrix Games' Flashpoint Campaigns series to simulate Battalion and Brigade level conventional combat. A modified version is in use with DSTL which can amend platform, weapon and sensor data to allow for analytical wargaming.

Flashpoint Campaigns Southern Storm is a grand tactical wargame set at the height of the Cold War, with the action centered on the year 1989. As the force Commander, you will plan and then issue orders and Standard Operating Procedures to your battalion, brigade, or regimental forces shaping the fight by maneuver and your intent.

The game engine is based on asynchronous WEGO turns. This means you will issue orders then watch a variable amount of time unfold on the battlefield. Then issue or adjust orders to react to what has happened as you execute your battle plan.

Flashpoint Campaigns: Southern Storm is a deep simulation of combat operations where your forces are arranged in maneuver units of companies, platoons, and sections of tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, infantry squads and teams, recon forces, engineers, air-defense and anti-tank systems, helicopters and more. As the Commander, you will need to use available off-map assets like long-range artillery, rockets, or airstrikes. You may be faced with the specter of using chemical or nuclear weapons to support your forces on the map and win the day.

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Plan your attack to break NATO's front lines or organise a determined defence in the face of Soviet armoured columns. FPC:SS uses real topographic mapping and planning tools to allow for a more 'non-gamey' experience.


Whilst your forces are displayed as aggregated 'counters' of Platoon to Company size each platform and weapon is modelled in detail within the simulation to provide maximum realism.

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How to Play

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