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About Fight Club

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We are a Global Wargaming Experimentation Group, Learning to Fight Across All Domains of Conflict and Competition.

Our members are serving military, reservists, government employees, industry professionals, and civilians with a passion for professional wargaming and military simulation.

We experiment with new wargaming/simulation technologies and methods, and help transition these into common use, changing culture and improving real-world capabilities.

Fight Club: Why and How?

The modern security environment challenges every element of our defense community to either adapt rapidly, or risk being overtaken by a growing set of hostile actors.  Whether on active service, or working in industry, policy, research, or academia, every defense professional can benefit from the enhanced training, education, familiarization, and testing, provided by wargaming and simulation technologies.   

Fight Club was created to support and facilitate improvements in the scope and scale of wargaming and simulation usage and development.  Our organization was created in the belief that an accessible and enthusiastic community of volunteers can make a real difference through combined efforts and mutual support.

In practice, this means we come together to run events, tournaments, wargame design activities, social gatherings, and peer-to-peer learning groups.  We also work directly with partners in industry, defense, and academia in support of their efforts to progress wargaming and simulation.  

In order to do this, we actively invite members from a variety of backgrounds with a broad range of interests and skills.  While Fight Club is led by a team of Directors, supported by our 'Warrior Council' advisory panel, we operate a very flat hierarchy wherein all members can propose, develop, and contribute to projects and activities.  In this way, we can avoid the constraints imposed by conventional R&D and procurement processes.  

Doing all this via a global network requires solid communication and collaboration tools.  Our main resource is ‘Discord’; a free online coordination and messaging service that is extremely popular in the world of online games and media.  All Fight Club members gain access to our private ‘Discord Servers’, from where they can further engage with the FC community. 

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We Use Discord...

…to enable group discussions, forum posting, direct messaging, voice and video calls, and a range of other collaboration utilities, all in a single package. Basic-level access to Discord is also free, and is entirely sufficient for most users.  

At Fight Club, we operate a single 'Discord Server' for the entire international network (‘Fight Club International’), as well as separate ‘Servers’ for National Chapters (see below).

To get Discord, simply visit the product website and create an account:

You can then download desktop and smartphone apps, or access the service via  browser.  

New Fight Club members receive a link to the Fight Club International Discord Server, from where access to National Servers can also be obtained. 

Discord Info
National Chapters

While much of our work is conducted online, we increasingly aim to facilitate real-world events and meet-ups for our members.  This could be gaming sessions, development meetings, or just purely social activities aimed at community-building.

We also have members from a variety of nations and cultures across the NATO alliance and freedom-loving cultures around the world.  

National Chapters are sub-organizations within Fight Club that can better focus on local/regional projects with a greater degree of focus and autonomy.  They enable the creation of local communities able to focus on culture or issue-specific projects, and also provide a framework for international competitions and challenges, such as tournaments. 

National Chapters can be joined following the successful acceptance of a Fight Club membership application.  This is done via the Fight Club International Discord Server (see above), however we can also be reached via the Contact Form if further assistance is required. 


To find out more about our Chapters, and to check for one in your region, click here.

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Join Our Community! 

Do you like what we are building?  If so, join our community and help us accelerate the development and expansion of professional wargaming and simulation. 


To learn more about how to join, and how to contribute further, visit out Join & Support Page.      

Or simply join immediately via the application form.

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