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Christmas Tournament

Using FLASHPOINT CAMPAIGNS: SOUTHERN STORM 14 FCI members participated in a single mission tournament playing mirror matches against each other.  

The scenario was a hasty containment of a Soviet river crossing with a Mechanised Infantry heavy Battalion Task Force in West Germany.

FC SS Tournament Overture Picture.jpg

Each player was asked to produce an Operations Order, a record of their execution and an After Action Review. Players submissions were then scored for the following:

1. The quality of OPORD in terms of planning, clarity, use of the principles of war and brevity

2. The execution of their mission 'in game', noting how well they executed their plan, reacted to changes and if they achieved the intended outcome.

3. The game score based on in game mission of holding the objective locations

4. The kill/loss ratio provided by the game to see if they had won a phyrric victory

5. The quality of their AAR in terms of humility, analysis of own shortcomings and how these played out in the game

After a long period of consideration and analysis the winner of the tournament was PLAYER 28 (all players are anonymous). Click the image below to see their submission to the judges.

Player 28 CoA.png
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