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This was the first UK Fight Club bespoke campaign of learning for Combat Mission: Professional Edition

Op Balaclava Teaser.jpg
Mission 3 of Operation Balaclava by Usually Hapless
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Getting Started with Operation Balaclava

Watch this video to understand how to download and install all of the files you need to play Operation Balaclava, as well as all of the other training scenarios and materials which are provided alongside.

Don't forget to join the Combat Mission Professional Slack channel as well (#g-cm-professional).

Play Solo or Head to Head

All five missions have been designed to be playable either as Blue against Red AI or head-to-head between two humans.

The Combat Mission Slack channel is a great place to find someone to play against if you feel like really testing your abilities against a thinking opponent.

Think | Fight | Learn | Repeat

Operation Balaclava features five challenging scenarios. It is likely that you will fail.


The scenarios have been designed to give the player a huge amount of freedom in terms of their approach so please experiment with different COAs in order to overcome the enemy.

Don't forget to discuss your progress on the Slack, where the community will be more than happy to work with you to achieve your objectives.

Additional Learning Materials

It is highly recommended that you complete all of the training scenarios provided alongside Operation Balaclava before embarking on the campaign itself.

If you are completely new to Combat Mission, you will find a tutorial which will teach you the fundamentals of controlling the game.

All experience levels can then benefit from the completion of the six training scenarios which will build up your competency across a series of simple Attacks (and a Defend).

If you are struggling, please post any questions in the Slack and one of our Combat Mission experts will be happy to give you a hand.

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