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In the Great White North Canadians stand on guard against threats on, above and below the ice. With an impressive battlefield record since the Boer War the Canadians are not to be trifled with. Forming in February 2024 Fight Club Canada is one of the youngest chapters in the Fight Club network and eager to catch up.  With such a geographic spread of people from the Atlantic to the Pacific and Arctic coasts the distributed model of Fight Club proved highly attractive.


We are primarily here to support the efforts of Canada based Fight Club members, although all FC members are free to join and collaborate from anywhere in the world!

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Fight Club Canadav3whitetext.webp

The aim of Fight Club Canada is to support our wargaming & simulation activities with a specific connection to Canada, its Armed Forces, and its defense sector.

For example:


  • Direct collaboration with the DND, CAF, RCN, RCAF, CA and CANSOF

  • Projects benefitting the wider Canadian defense infrastructure

  • In-person events such as gaming, meet-ups, and conference support


The FCC Discord Server

Like Fight Club International, we run a dedicated Discord Server as our primary communication, and collaboration resource.  This is the home of our online events, seminars, presentations, and social activities.  

New Fight Club members may request access to the Canadian Server once they are set-up on the main Fight Club International Discord.  Simply drop a message in the “Start Here” channel, or message an administrator. 

To find out more about how we use Discord, click here.

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Feature Event: 

Play Combat Mission: Shock Force 2 with FCC


Fight Club runs a weekly gaming event using Combat Mission: Shock Force 2 with NATO module allowing CAF platforms to be represented in game. Members are free to sign-up and participate in arranging, planning, playing, and evaluating games via LAN or ‘Play-By-Email’ (‘PBEM’).


We call this event ‘Shock Force Sunday’, and it is designed to provide a relaxed, open, and fun environment for players to learn and develop their skills in areas such as planning (OPlans, COAs, SoMs, etc.), execution, and evaluation (via group AAR presentation sessions).


We also use the event as a ‘sandbox’ environment to instruct on specific concepts and methods. ‘CM:SFS’ is also intended to provide an introductory experience for any members wishing to use the professional version of Combat Mission, which shares many aspects with CM: Shock Force 2.

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