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The Rules of Fight Club

1. Talk about Fight Club

2. Talk about Fight Club… but if you signed a non-disclosure agreement and are participating in a compartmented game, obviously, don’t talk about that!

3. The fight is out there not in here - zero discrimination, bullying or harassment.

4. There is no rank in Fight Club, we are all peers here.

5. When you fight, fight to win but don’t be afraid to fail… you win or you learn.

6. Share what you learn – see rule 1 and 2.

7. Be unconventional! Test theories in a safe-to-fail environment, repetition and experimentation lead to innovation

8. We are not just about better games... we want to improve our ability to think and be adaptive. 

9. Above all, we want everyone to have fun while learning to be a better Fighter and human being. 

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