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'Baltic Shield' Campaign of Learning Starting Soon

Updated: May 2

Fight Club International’s next ‘Campaign of Learning’: OP BALTIC SHIELD, commences this Friday (May 3rd). This year we’ll be visiting an ‘alternate’ 2019, with a multi-mission engagement on the streets of the Estonian border City of Narva, using a custom-built map.

Last year’s Op WHETSTONE was a useful warm-up in the safe(ish) environs of Copehill Down. This time, a combined British and Estonian force (under the NATO ‘Enhanced Forward Presence’) is going head-to-head with an elite Donovian spearhead.

As before, this campaign is run using Combat Mission: Professional Edition, with licenses generously provided by Matrix Games. This is a membership benefit that all Fight Club members can apply for.

More information will follow later in the week, and final results and analysis will be presented in June at DSET2024.


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