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Take That Hill!

UK Fight Club's first manual wargame primer builds upon a previous version by Prof Phil Sabin of Kings College London.      A simple hex and counter, IGO-UGO system introduces players to basic mechanics used in the majority of commercial wargames. Game-play is solo or two player and does not require an umpire to facilitate.  This makes TTH suitable for self-learning, cooperative play or a larger seminar wargame. Advanced rules add complexity and additional realism as required by the players., whilst staying true to the base rules.

TTH Front.png
TTH Back.png

Connections Online Webinar on Take That Hill!

Take That hill is available via Steam's Tabletop Simulator and via print and play. A boxed, professional version is being procured and is expected to be released later in 2021. Play the video below to watch an explanation of the base game via tabletop simulator.

Click the video below to view an explanation of the advanced rules.

A copy of the rules is available by clicking the picture below.

Rule page.png
TTS capture.png


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