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Operation Crimson Dawn After Action Report Released

Two of Fight Club’s ‘Warrior Council’, enabled by Evocatus Consulting, recently completed a distributed head-to-head using Combat Mission Shock Force 2. The aim of the exercise was to identify best practice for future distributed games (in the light of the continuing coronavirus pandemic) and to understand how competing against a thinking human opponent changed the gameplay experience. Playing against the scripted, in-game AI is useful when time is short and the learning focuses on the tactical mechanics according to doctrine rather than critical thinking. UK Fight Club has used this method for 4 of 5 missions in its campaign of learning ‘Op RISING MOON’. Introducing a human opponent creates a situation familiar to chess players of ‘playing the player, not the pieces’ switching the focus from individual

soldier/platform capabilities to trying to outwit the other player.

Download the Full Report Here.



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